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There's another side to counselling and I love it


 What I love about counselling is not only the inspiring people I get to work with and the deep relationships that we get to form but also what I get to learn from my clients. 

Inspiring Our Next Generation

Inspire Motherwell Cheshire

I am so thrilled to receive 3 years funding from Children in Need for us to recruit a full time counsellor to support young women 14 – 18 years old.

The rollercoaster of IVF


I recently completed a diploma in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and although I had known a few family members that had been through the it I was shocked and appalled by the emotional roller coaster that families have to endure while going through the process.  

Love Local

Love Local

 Years ago, people knew their neighbours, they looked out for one another and families would largely stay close to one another; employment was found locally and there was community rather than commutes. 

The Benefits of Peer Support

The Benefits of Peer Support

 This week, we are featuring a special guest blog from Motherwell Cheshire’s CEO, Kate Blakemore, as she shares her views on the benefits of peer support. 

Working in Partnership

Working in partnership with You in Mind

It’s once again time to celebrate another one of our great providers, and this month we are talking about Working in Partnership with… Motherwell CIO

Talking Sex in the Counselling Room

Talking Sex in the Counselling Room

 Motherwell Cheshire’s CEO, Kate Blakemore, shares her thoughts on why the Counselling room is an ideal place to talk about sex. 

From Empty Nest to Mentor

Brigthstars Project - From Empty Nest to Mentor

 Feelings of loss and grief can occur during any major life transition but we can under-estimate the effect of children leaving home.