My Radio Show

Kate  - Motherwell Show


My radio show is every Friday at 11am.

As the Founder and Chief Executive of Motherwell Cheshire, a local charity to support mums mental health and wellbeing, my show is based around supporting mums in the local community.

On my show, I like to talk about subjects that I know many mums at home can relate to. 

I am the mum of three great children, I live in Crewe and I am passionate about our town. We have a great town with some very inspiring people living in it, which sometimes we forget!

Most weeks I have a guest joining me from local authors to children's entertainers.  

I am good at talking but not so good at keeping to time! 

I love 90s music so on every show I never fail to play an Oasis tune.


So don't forget to tune in to the Motherwell Show, where we talk all things mums and Women! 


Please find below, links to my radio show:-