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Kate Blakemore is available for media commentary and public speaking events. See her in action on her You Tube channel

As a professional Counsellor, Kate is willing to give her perspective on all aspects of mental health, wellbeing and motherhood. A mother of three herself (Gracie Mai aged 11, Lennon aged 10, Dylan aged 6), Kate knows all too well the juggle of running a business and being a parent. Kate has experienced infant loss as well as having a baby who was in intensive care and then Alder Hey when born. 

Kate has regularly featured on local and national broadcast media and also contributes to a number of print and online publications. Kate is also a prolific blogger and very active on social media where she encourages women to share how they are feeling using the hashtag "let's talk more" .

Kate hosts a weekly radio station on The Cat where she is not afraid to tackle hard issues head on. On Crewe based The Cat Radio (107.9FM), Kate interviews women on a whole range of issues from coaching skills, cancer and sexual relationships in later life. Hear Kate in action here

Kate’s vision for Motherwell is to provide community-based projects for vulnerable mothers, giving them access to a support network which they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Being based in two of the most deprived communities in the country, Crewe and Winsford, these neighbourhoods experience high ‘children in need’ referrals, with a clear link between income/employment deprivation and child protection concerns. There are a high proportion of mums in these areas presenting with issues of anxiety, depression, isolation and addiction. 

Kate believes that part of the reason is that they themselves have often grown up without strong female role models and have been in the care system from a young age. Authorities don’t have the money to break the cycle of re-referrals and affect a positive change in the community.

Without Kate's drive and determination, women in these areas would not be benefitting from the diverse range of support and events that exist. 

She is quite literally always on the go - as well as working on her counselling practice, running, fundraising and promoting the charity. If you are looking for a passionate woman to talk on any of these issues, Kate can be contacted on 07734868325/  

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